10 Characteristics of an online shopper

Online shopping has become the new, popular way of shopping. It comes with a lot of advantages too. There are some traits that an online shopper follows and that are:

1.They prefer authenticity

To keep online shoppers interested in your brand you need to keep it real at all times. Authenticity and transparency is always the key to attract online shoppers. You can do this by keeping your advertisements as real as you can. Do not claim any less or more than what you are providing your customer.

  1. Online shoppers reach social media for shopping information

A survey tells that about 34 percent of people of the 21st century claimed that they like brands that are more active on social media than brands which aren’t. 47 percent of them get influenced to purchase something by social media.

3.They value loyalty programs

80 percent of millennials who are cost-conscious and passionate about brands they love tend to participate in loyalty programs. Loyalty rewards are one of the reasons why millennials keep shopping from a specific brand.

4.Engagement with brands on social media builds a connection

According to a survey made by Forbes, 62 percent of millennial shoppers are most likely to become a customer if they are following the brand on social media platforms. While 42 percent of them are actually willing to work with the brand so that they can co-create a product. This indicates that the brands who are successful in engaging its online audience also enjoy higher profits.

5.They like when brands personalise stuff for them

Millennial shoppers love customized marketing. Some of the most popular examples of it is the Coca Cola’s share a coke campaign and the Starbucks white cup contest. When brands offer their customers customized products, it makes their customers feel like they are being seen and heard at the same time. Coca Cola’s share a coke campaign got so successful that the Coca Cola Co experienced an increase in sales for the first time since a decade. This campaign started in 2014 but can be still seen running. This shows why brands are asked to value their customers.

6.High prices are critical but a love for a brand cannot be undone

It is estimated that about 57 percent of millennials have a habit of comparing prices in-store. While about 60 percent will stay loyal to the brand whatsoever. The only thing the brand needs to keep up is their loyalty towards their customers.

7.They will want to purchase what they were recommended

Online shoppers prefer buying stuff that was recommended to them by a friend or a family member. This means that customers tend to trust the choices of their loved ones. This can be very beneficial for the brands and this can be further taken advantage of by making advertisements through famous bloggers. The more people will recommend your product, the more customers you will earn. People tend to take reviews of famous bloggers really seriously. As they say, word of mouth is good as gold.

8.They love brands with a motive behind them

80 percent of millennial shoppers say that they prefer buying products from brands that are involved in charity and other causes.

9.They are into impulse purchases

Very good news for e-commerce businesses is that people of today’s generation are impulsive purchasers. They shop when stressed out and even when they are happy.

10.Speedy shoppers

Online shoppers usually tend to be people who think shopping is a waste of time or people who are too busy for that. These people are more likely to make quick purchases.

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