5 Effective ways to get more Instagram likes

On Instagram likes to matter a lot because it is the first contact between your followers and your brand. Moreover, it shows the appreciation of anyone for your posts. You have seen the millions of post likes on each post. It’s not due to good post only but also due to the number of Instagram followers on this account. In this post, we will talk about some effective ways that not only give you’re a number of likes but also increase your following count. Although most people prefer to buy Instagram likes when you use these tips with buying likes, the results will be astonishing. Read on!

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Share high-quality photos and videos:

Instagram likes to rely on the quality content and it requires proper planning. If you want people to hit that heart, follow these tips to create quality content on Instagram.

Show your face: When you post photos with a face, it increases the post engagement by 38 percent.

Know your colors: On Instagram, photos with blur color get 24 percent more likes than yellows and reds. Also, multi-colored pictured get more likes by 17 percent than a single color photo.

Choose your filters: If you want to increase post likes, use the filter that increase the contrast, exposure and have warmer color tone. You can use editing tools for your Instagram posts to apply good filters.

Post consistently:

Why do you need to post consistently on your Instagram account? The reason is that when people follow you in the first place they want to know more about your brand. So it is good to keep them engaged with consistent posts. Moreover, you can build credibility and authority in this way. People will recognize you and there are 93 percent brands that depend on consistent posting on Instagram to keep their followers engaged.

Share your Instagram posts on other platforms:

Don’t keep thing to yourself if you want to increase your post reach and grow your account. Share your Instagram posts on other social platforms like sharing it on Facebook and ask your friends to follow you on Instagram. Also, you can share your posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Use the content format wisely according to the requirement of each platform. For example, use visually appealing photo for Pinterest and a lot of hashtags for a Twitter post. Use fewer hashtags for Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

Tag relevant users:

In order to increase the post engagement, tag your loyal followers and relevant brands or influencers in your post. Also, give credit to the users if they took the photo. If someone is featured in your picture, mention him/her in your post caption or use tagging.

Buy Instagram likes:

Buying Instagram likes is the most effective way when it comes to getting likes within a few minutes. It is a hassle-free way to get hundreds of thousands of likes on each post. Buying Instagram likes also help you to grow your account in no time.

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