Alaina Marie Mathers: Biography, Personal Life and Career

Alaina Marie Mathers is an adopted daughter of Kimberly Anne Scott and the rap king of rapping world, Eminem. However, she was born to Dawn Scott but Kim and Eminem had adopted her when she was just a child and raised her like her own daughter. Her mother was the twin sister of Kimberly Anne Scott who was the wife of Eminem when he adopted her. Her mother passed away due to heroin overdosing and Kim tweeted on twitter and felt her sorrow with these words and said I lost my half. Many of us don’t know the life of Alaina as she keeps her life seclude. Here we will decipher my personal life, career, biography, net worth and many more.


She was born to Dawn Scott on 3rd May 1993 when she was just 18 years old teenager. Her mother had a volatile nature due to her addiction to drugs and she was under medication when Alaina was in her childhood. Dawn was believed not able to grow up a child. So, Kimberley Scott and Eminem adopted her niece Amanda. Later Eminem changed her name from Amanda Scott to Alaina Mathers after adaptation. But then couple Kim and Eminem got divorced and Eminem took the legal custody of her. Now, she is living with his daughters under one roof.


However, Eminem is open about his personal life but he is pretty much protective when it comes to the life of his daughter. He didn’t release any information about their daughter in the public. But there was a report surfaced on media in 2016 that claimed about the education of Alaina. According to the report, she is studying public relation from the University Of Oakland, United States.


There are no significant details about Alaina Marie Mathers in the media regardless of the fact that she is a daughter of a superstar parent. Until now, apparently, she is not doing any job or business. She is under the guardianship of her dad, Eminem. The spotlight is always on her celebrity dad but public and media still want to know what she will pursue in her future life.


There is no information on who is her current boyfriend or she is still single. But it was rumored in the past that she has a boyfriend. There is no confirmed information on her dating life.


She has no official social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram but there are some fan pages on Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter, she has around 3k followers that show her popularity among the people.


Although, her net worth is unknown because she is studying but she is getting a huge amount of money from her father. As her father has gigantic net worth and considered as one of the richest rapper in the world with a net worth of $190 million.


Despite being a celebrity child and spending a lavish life, there is no controversy or rumors linked to her. However, her foster parents, Eminem and Kim Scott have the tumultuous relationship but they raised their children in a great way.


Hope, you enjoy our post that revealed the biography of Eminem’s daughter, Alaina Marie Mathers. Leave a comment and let us know that you like her secluded nature about her private life or not?

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