Disney made a $7 billion mark in which half is obtained by Marvel

When it comes to entertainment business 2018 was the year of Marvel. Marvel is owned by Disney which shows that half of the net profit earned in 2018 came from the Marvel movies. It was because of only three movies which were released in 2018. These movies are Black Panther which earned $1.35 billion, Avengers:Infinity War earned $2.05 billion and Ant Man which earned $623 million.

The other half was gained by other entertainment franchises like Pixar and Stars Wars. It was a good year as compared to previous years for Marvel because three of its major titles have done a really good job in the market. If we walk about 2016 there were mix titles which contributed the gain of $7.6 billion.

The mix titles were from Marvel and other animated movies which were from Pixar and other subsidiaries of Disney. The Marvel titles were Captain America:Civil War and Doctor Strange. The animated movies were Moana, Zootopia, The Jungle Book and Finding Dory.

For this year 2019 there are major titles which will be launched which have a great potential to do a good job in the entertainment market. The major titles are from different companies owned by the Disney. From Marvel it is Avenger:End Game, from Disney itself there are classics like Lion King, Aladdin, Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4. Disney is the only studio in the Hollywood that holds up the major market for almost every year like the 7 billion dollar mark. No other studio has ever come close to this mark.

There are other studios too which create good movies but they are not into the level of Disney when it comes to creating a good connection between the entertainment and the viewers. Disney knows how to hold this relationship which is why whenever this company revives the old classics the movies still do a good job in the present year even when the audience has pretty much changes but the connection is still there.

Marketing of the major titles is also done very good as compared to other movies. If we just pick the Marvel studio and compare it with the rival DC studio, viewers can sense that the way Marvel creates movies and market it is different than the DC which is the reason Marvel is ahead than DC. Marvel being owned by Disney reflects the same solid connection which both these studios have in their own way.

This is the reason that Disney is so successful that after so many years this studio is still going strong by introducing new quality content and also by just reviving the old classic from decades ago. Technology is getting advanced due to which Disney is taking full advantage of by creating mind-blowing graphics through the animated film company which is the Pixar which is known for the best graphics animated movies of all time. There are many classics in the Pixar world which Disney can also take advantage of in the future.

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