How Alibaba is the biggest retail company that owns no inventory

Alibaba is one of the top service providing companies which act as a platform for the business and consumers to buy and sell all kinds of products. The Alibaba platform does not own its own inventory, it just allows the users to use this platform to sell their products. It does not matter at what level the user is running his or her business.

There will top businesses which will use this platform to buy and sell products at all levels whether it is a big purchase from one business to another business or it is just a local consumer level where an individual will buy a certain product from a store through the Alibaba platform. Users will find products of any type and it will be shipped to anywhere in the world, which is the best thing about the Alibaba platform.

The Alibaba platform behaves like the same every other service providing company where the platform allows the users to review, give feedback and rate the stores and the products which helps a lot for the users who are looking to buy anything from a certain store. Alibaba being the biggest retail company which allows all the businesses around the world especially from the China; as there the production cost of most of the products is cheap than the production cost of other countries.

These businesses are using this platform as medium to sell their products to the people from around the world. Users are able to track their shipped products from the Alibaba mobile application. Businesses which using this platform have to follow the policies of the platform before registering themselves into this platform. Businesses have to be clear cut about their products which they are selling and showing it into the platform.

These things does affect the ratings of the store so it is recommended for the businesses to follow the policies or rules to be at the top selling store. The platform allows the users to search on the basis of products or stores where they want to buy from. Everything you will find on this platform. It is the biggest referral service platform in the world which refers every product or store to the people around the world.

Being a referral service allows the platform to not go for owning a store where they sell products but it is a place where businesses of every types comes and sell products through a single platform just like a market or a bazaar where there are multiple businesses of every type.

Alibaba itself is B2B platform which means it deals with only business to business deals like for example if a local business wants to buy a certain product in a large number for their business then that business can use Alibaba to search for that product and buy it from a store of his or her choice. If the users want to buy a product through a consumer approach then the user has to go for AliExpress which is a branch of Alibaba which deals with business to consumer.

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